Always Start from Foundation


I am going to speak the pre-requisite of yoga here before you get to start on this wonderful path of knowing and realising the self and the true purpose of yoga practice.

For last many years as a yoga teacher what I have experienced-

people come as a beginner and join the running class with whatever level of the practice the class is on They
are not interested in knowing-

  • The fundamental meaning of yoga
  • Purpose of its practice
  • And theory of alignments behind poses

Which shows impatience of individual as a practitioner of any
art . without realising the ground theory of any posture or action They are always busy looking up others to copy in confusions rather than focusing themselves on mat.
my instructions sounds complicated and taxing for these new borns.There is so much information attached to one posture in the row that they get confused moreover. they have doubts but they postpone to clear through it, to avoid being a centre of gaze in the group class.
The 70% of them never asked questions stop coming in class
after struggling for days or so with many confusions. Most of the time they carries back the wrong impressions and myths for yoga as a phylosiphy of living life as a humen

I would like to request you dear friends please Google and know about different definition of yoga, its fundamental practices and traditional as well modern styles or schools to understand their individual need and set there specific goal before joining any yoga studio or yoga course.
If you do so, you will be able to rein out the most of their valuable time ,practice and hard earned money you are investing to live your true potential.

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