Manisha “the guiding light @yogasruti

I integrated modify and design my session on the basis of transformational , hath, vinyasa and ashtanga yoga so that one should grow with more indivisual pace and accessiblity towards the self through the most complex physical Matrix we know as body , the most gross area of awareness I try,motivate and suggest : 

  • simple natural living and daily mental awareness through postures and breath raising once
  • consciousness slowly and gradually in the class
  • suggest getting atuned with one’s true nature and meditate or observe the self while doing daily course of life 

finally I see my self as a little tea light, who may not promise Nirvana enlightenment or deep spiritual practice but eager to teach and guide you on this incredible path up to my knowledge in short I just wish to hand over you your own torch ‘लालटेन to grow and work as light Warrior through your dark part your way and getting resolved and evolved at your pace and time in general routine life.