Regular hatha yoga practice class

1. Class will be based on hurt vinyasa transformational and stung style
2. Classes will be progressive in nature in a way that anyone from Foundation
to advance can join and continue to practice at their space
3. Yogi will be able to measure and upgrade the  Sadhana at own space and
time  by reviewing his or her practice and asking question related to that as
per thes schedule
Nature of class :-

Age groupl of classes :
18 to 30
30 to 45
 45 to 60

Number of classes and duration of completion
12 days ———– 2 weeks
 10 days———-2 weeks
 8 days————2 weeks

 6 days-(special boot camp) —-one week
Time  Slot  —– morning /  afternoon / evening
Venue ——- 1. my studio at Palam  Vihar, gurgaon [ offline / online]                    2. Home visit or , destination  workshop  & class

vocal yoga classes

1. Devotional composition and chance
2. Practice of Hindustani voca [ elementary Ragas for beginners like BhopaII,
Yaman , Durga ETC.] 
Time and duration———- Once in a week (30 to 60 minutes)

Yoga Sutra Class

Chants  and words of wisdom for daily insiight.
Time and duration——- once in a week (10 sutras approx.)